Introducing the Runway Audio TRS junction box

Runway Audio, a boutique manufacturer of high-quality instrument cables based in Nashville, is launching a new, clean piece of gear every guitar player should have in their kit: The Runway Audio TRS Junction Box.

No tricks here. What you see is what you get. The Runway Audio TRS Junction Box has 3 fully isolated TRS pass-throughs in a rugged tour-grade, powder-coated enclosure. They’re not reinventing the wheel here, but while most junction boxes have jacks on opposite sides, they have put them on the top and one side to fit snugly on your pedalboard and help clean things up while maximizing space. This attention to detail is mirrored by hand-soldered quality for unrivaled reliability, night in and night out and session after session.

4.4″ x 2.4″ x 1.2″

Price & Availability:
Purchase at for $49.99

Runway Audio is known for their high-quality instrument cables. From custom electric and acoustic guitar cables to patch cables, Runway products are perfect for players who want the best sound from their cables, from hobbyists to professional recording and touring musicians. Their high-quality instrument cables are hand-soldered in Nashville and shipped directly to you.

The cables come in various lengths and colors.

In addition to the instrument leads and custom electric guitar cables, the Runway Audio team also offers pedalboard setups and pedalboard power supplies. If you’re looking for experienced professionals to help you get your pedalboard just right, they’ll work with you directly to improve the layout efficiency and sound quality of your setup.

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Death By Audio Effects pedals ROOMS stereo reverberator

Death By Audio Effects Pedals announced Thursday January 30 that pre-orders for the new ROOMS Stereo Reverberator are open to the public.

ROOMS is a stereo, multi-function digital reverb capable of searing volume, gated walls of sound, and long, trailing reverberant ambiances with an intuitive array of controls designed with real-time mood-bending in mind. It’s the finely tuned and infinitely tweakable result of Death By Audio founder Oliver Ackermann’s lifelong obsession with reverb effects units.

ROOMS’ six reverb algorithms – ROOM, DIGIT, PEAK, WAVE, GATE, and GONG – have been meticulously programmed in-house to deliver an endless universe of sounds, and to aid in their exploration, the pedal features an ALT footswitch. This switch engages a secondary set of controls that allows the user to seamlessly shift between settings and also activates the expression pedal (optional) for hands-free space-and-time travel of a cosmic auditory nature.

An output mixer designed in collaboration with Electronic Audio Experiments provides pristine, studio-quality control of the wet and dry signals from -inf to 20x gain, making ROOMS sound right at home on pedalboards, at front-of-house, and in the recording studio, and with gain to spare. Rooms’ creative I/O switching and dual mono dry signal lines allows for a wealth of possible mono and stereo configurations, making it easy to route signals for parallel processing or stereo amplifier setups.

Pre-orders for the Death By Audio ROOMS Stereo Reverberator begin January 30, 2020, and will ship Spring 2020. First come, first served. ROOMS is also available at Death By Audio dealers.



Death By Audio ROOMS Stereo Reverberator

  • Six unique, meticulously programmed stereo reverb algorithms
    • ROOM – A classic reverb that simulates many different rooms
    • DIGIT – A filter matrix verb capable of creating otherworldly resonances and fractured repeats.
    • PEAK – A super intense bandpass filter combined with an ambient reverb.
    • WAVE – A gated reverb. Short reverb times create a classic gate effect, long reverb times create a controllable freeze effect.
    • GATE – Creates a pitch vibrato effect. Lowering TIME will blend out the reverb signal, allowing sweeps from chorus/vibrato to long modulated reverbs.
    • GONG – Ethereal, crushed reverb sounds guaranteed to make you a star in the upcoming remake of DUNE and live out your sci-fi fantasies of space travel and galactic domination. Control the spice, control the universe.
  • ALT footswitch switches between two sets of controls and engages expression pedal (optional)
  • Clever I/O switching also allows for a variety of routing possibilities for parallel processing and stereo amplifier setups
  • Hi-fidelity output mixer designed in collaboration with Electronic Audio Experiments
  • MAP: $395 USD
  • Dimensions: 5.95″ x 3.86″ x 2.96″ (including hardware)
  • Weight: 18oz.
  • Power: 80 mA, 9V (runs on a standard 2.1 mm negative center 9V adapter)
  • Expression PedalAlmost any expression pedal will work with ROOMS. When not plugged in, the controls work as normal. NOTE: Expression control ONLY controls the F or T knobs when ALT mode is engaged and when an expression pedal is plugged in.


SonoTone introduces Fusion Series premium electric guitar and bass strings

SonoTone, the Massachusetts-based manufacturer of boutique, premium guitar strings, has debuted its Fusion series of electric guitar and bass strings, offering serious musicians, hobbyist players and vintage guitar collectors the opportunity to outfit their new, used or vintage instruments with strings formulated to stretch the tonal potential of any guitar.

Now the string of choice for professional guitar players like Camilo Velandia, in addition to a growing legion of professional and amateur musicians, vintage instrument collectors and tone aficionados, SonoTone Fusion series strings will project a sound that is more flexible and harmonically vibrant — with a punchy, responsive attack to give players enhanced expressiveness and articulation.

In addition to improving a guitar’s overall sound, players will feel the difference as soon as SonoTone Fusion series strings have settled in to the guitar. Made with the highest-quality materials available, SonoTone premium strings combine a higher percentage of iron and nickel, as well as a custom wrap, strengthening the strings’ magnetic properties while providing plenty of warmth. Whether players use SonoTone Fusion series strings for country, rock, jazz, blues, fusion or all of the above, SonoTone strings remain pliable and vibrant for the entire duration each string-set’s lifespan.

Now available directly from in the U.S. and in select European countries through Fulfillment by Amazon, as well as in Japan through the manufacturer’s distribution partner, SonoTone Fusion series electric guitar and bass strings are available in four gauge sets (9-42, 10-46, 10-52, 11-48) for $18.99 each; Fusion series standard 4-string bass guitar strings (45-105) are available for $69.99 each.

Fusion series offers enhanced comfort and playability
The SonoTone Fusion series represents the culmination of over three years of experimentation with various materials and manufacturing techniques by SonoTone founder P.K. Pandey. Having spent more than 25 years on a quest for impeccable tone, both as a studio recording engineer and A/V systems design/build engineer, Pandey’s journey eventually led him to reconsider the fundamental medium and point-of-contact between the player and the guitar, the material source of the instrument’s “voice” — the taut, vibrating metal wires fastened to the bridge on one end and to the headstock on the other — i.e., the guitar strings.

Starting from this fundamental level, Pandey tested different metals, amalgams, and manufacturing processes until he eventually found the hard-won formula, known only to him, which at last recreated the vintage tone and feel of the guitars he remembered playing as a kid.

Unlike many contemporary, machine-made strings produced in bulk quantities outside the U.S. at mass-market, commodity prices, SonoTone Fusion strings use only the highest-quality materials available, with additional measures taken throughout the manufacturing process to optimize string behavior, playability, tuning stability and longevity — without using any coatings, so that only the pure elements that make up the string-wire ring out, unencumbered, through the entire body of the guitar.

To find out how SonoTone Fusion series strings will enhance the sound of your own new, used or vintage instrument, please visit for more information.

Genelec to showcase 4420 and 4430 smart IP loudspeakers at ISE

Genelec, the global leader in professional audio monitoring, is proud to be showcasing two Smart IP loudspeaker models at the forthcoming ISE show in Amsterdam. The 4420 and 4430 loudspeakers combine both exceptional sound quality with single cable convenience, and their onboard Smart IP technology provides scalable power, audio and loudspeaker configuration, supervision and calibration features via a standard CAT cable. Smart IP therefore offers system designers, integrators and installers an easy, powerful and cost-effective solution for guaranteeing enjoyable, high-quality audio across entire installations.

Having been unveiled before a select audience of specially invited Nordic integrators in Helsinki in December, the 4430 will be making its ISE debut alongside its new and even more compact 4420 sibling – with yet more Smart IP models expected to be added to the family in the future.

Producing the clarity and intelligibility for which Genelec has become a benchmark, the 4420 and 4430 are compatible with both Dante™ and open IP standards including AES67 and ST2110-30, and derive power via PoE and PoE+ Power-over-Ethernet formats. Both models feature a single rear panel CAT connector which also allows access to Genelec’s Smart IP Manager – a sophisticated software tool that allows installers to configure an almost unlimited number of rooms, zones, loudspeakers and audio channels, and includes device discovery, a versatile room equalization tool set, system organization and status monitoring. This enables installers to deploy Smart IP loudspeakers even on highly complex, acoustically challenging projects.

While Smart IP Manager is designed specifically for installers to use during setup and configuration, the 4420 and 4430 can be integrated easily into house automation systems using a public API command set – allowing the end user instant access to volume, power on/off, loudspeaker activity and a selection of pre-programmed audio settings. Smart IP supports uncompressed low-latency audio streaming directly into each loudspeaker, with loudspeaker synchronization to sub-microsecond level for solid acoustic imaging. Streams can be managed by both Dante Controller and Dante Domain Manager software, as well as legacy balanced line analogue audio. This flexible connectivity allows both IP control of an analogue source, or use of analogue audio as a failsafe backup.

In terms of technical specification, the 4420 stands just 226 mm tall yet offers a frequency response of 55 Hz – 39 kHz (-6 dB) via a 4 inch woofer and 3/4-inch metal dome tweeter, producing a max SPL of 100 dB via onboard 50 W Class D amplifiers for each driver. In comparison, the 4430 measures 285 mm in height, delivers 45 Hz to 39 kHz (-6 dB) via a 5-inch woofer and 3/4-inch tweeter, and produces a max SPL of 104 dB via its onboard 50 W Class D stages.

Manufactured sustainably to offer low power consumption, total reliability and long life, the 4420 and 4430 enclosures are produced from recycled aluminum, are available in black, white or 120 custom RAL colors, and are compatible with Genelec’s extensive range of mounting accessories to allow both models to be floor, ceiling, wall or truss mounted.

Looking ahead to the forthcoming ISE show, Genelec Managing Director Siamak Naghian commented, “With the 4430 already being utilized on prestigious Nordic installations – including Helsinki’s Finnish Music Hall of Fame, Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus and the new G Livelab music venue in Tampere, we’re confident that the new 4420 will also be embraced by installers looking for an even more compact Smart IP loudspeaker solution. The overwhelmingly positive feedback that we’ve received from the early adopters of Smart IP makes us extremely excited about ISE – and the potential of our AV Installation business in the future.”

Genelec will be showcasing the 4420 and 4430 on Stand 3-B115 of the ISE Show, which takes place in Amsterdam between 11th and 14th February.
For more information, please visit

Genelec 4420 and 4430 Smart IP loudspeakers

Genelec, the pioneer in Active Monitoring technology, is celebrating over 40 years of designing and manufacturing active loudspeakers for true and accurate sound reproduction. Genelec is credited with promoting the concept of active transducer technology. Since its inception in 1978, Genelec has concentrated its efforts and resources into creating active monitors with unparalleled sonic integrity. The result is an active speaker system that has earned global acclaim for its accurate imaging, extremely high acoustic output from small enclosures, true high-fidelity with low distortion, and deep, rich bass.

Genelec is also celebrating over 10 years of its Smart Active Monitoring™ technology, which allows studio monitors to be networked, configured and calibrated for the user’s specific acoustic environment. Each Smart Active Monitor or subwoofer is equipped with advanced internal DSP circuitry, which tightly integrates with the GLM (Genelec Loudspeaker Manager) software application, running on Mac or PC. GLM’s reference microphone kit allows the user’s acoustic environment to be analyzed, after which GLM’s AutoCal feature optimizes each Smart Active Monitor for level, distance delay, subwoofer crossover phase and room response equalization, with the option of further fine tuning by the user. By minimizing the room’s influence on the sound, Smart Active Monitors deliver an unrivalled reference, with excellent translation between rooms.

Other brand and product names may be trademarks of the respective companies with which they are associated.

—For more information on the complete range of Genelec Active Monitoring Systems, contact: Genelec Inc., 7 Tech Circle, Natick, MA 01760. Tel: (508) 652-0900; Fax: (508) 652-0909; Web:

EastWest releases Hollywood Backup Singers – Powerful vocals by Durga McBroom, Lorelei McBroom and C.C. White

EASTWEST has just released HOLLYWOOD BACKUP SINGERS, a game changing new vocal product that will let you type in any word and have it sung by the industry’s top backup singers. Produced by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, the most awarded producers in the sounds industry, HOLLYWOOD BACKUP SINGERS features powerful vocals from legendary singers Durga McBroom, Lorelei McBroom, and C.C. White.

Hundreds of WordBuilder ‘editable’ phrases and words are included with a quickly accessible drop-down menu from genres such as Pop, Soul, and Gospel. If you don’t find the exact one you’re looking for, you can easily type it into WordBuilder manually, in any language!

You’ll never have to search for the right voice talent or book time in a state-of-the-art studio. When you need the perfect vocal harmonies, your HOLLYWOOD BACKUP SINGERS will be ready for the job. And your listeners will have a hard time believing they weren’t tracked live.

HOLLYWOOD BACKUP SINGERS was recorded with a collection of vintage tube microphones in world famous EastWest Studio 3, home to some of the most iconic hits from the 1960s till the present day, including the Beach Boys masterpiece Pet Sounds, Mamas and Papas, Blondie, through to modern day productions from Ariana Grande, Frank Ocean, and Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s Grammy and Academy Award-winning “A Star Is Born” soundtrack.


Legendary Backup Singers
Each of the amazingly talented singers recorded for HOLLYWOOD BACKUP SINGERS come from a rich musical background, having performed with the biggest names in the industry. Durga McBroom and Lorelei McBroom toured with Pink Floyd as backup singers for many years. C.C. White has worked with many iconic artists. She is also the star vocalist of EastWest’s blockbuster product Voices of Soul, one of the top selling vocal products ever produced.


  • Vowels includes regular and expressive vowel instruments, and sustain expressive vowel instruments (which is a combination of the two vowel types). The expressive vowels also have ‘LES’ versions, which contain additional samples of the vocals recorded through a Leslie speaker cabinet, something Pink Floyd did on many backing vocal tracks. Each instrument is programmed to cross-fade between multiple dynamic layers using the Mod Wheel (CC1).
  • Consonants includes b, d, g, j, l, m, n, r, th, v, w, y, and z consonant instruments, as well as an unpitched consonants instrument. Each are programmed to cross-fade between multiple dynamic layers using the Mod Wheel (CC1).
  • Combo MOD includes a variety of instruments that use the Mod Wheel (CC1) to switch between multiple layers of regular and expressive vowel types, or in the case of the ‘Xfde’ sub-folder, use the Mod Wheel (CC1) to cross-fade between these layers. The expressive vowels also have ‘LES’ versions, which contain additional samples of the vocals recorded through a Leslie speaker cabinet.
  • Solo Phrases includes instruments that feature solo phrases and sub-phrases that were recorded over a drone in multiple root note positions for use in a variety of keys and modes. There are ‘LES’ versions available, which contain additional samples of the vocals recorded through a Leslie speaker cabinet. Each vocalist was recorded as a soloist, whereas the rest of the collection features the 3 vocalists recorded together.
  • Keyswitch includes instruments that combine multiple articulations into a single instrument that uses blue-colored keyswitches to activate a given articulation. There are keyswitch instruments available for vowels, consonants, and solo phrases, including ‘LES’ versions where available.
  • WB Multi contains a specially designed multi-instrument that is pre-configured for use with WordBuilder. Simply load the WB Multi containing all the necessary phonetic sounds required to build words, type a phrase in the Text Editor (or choose from hundreds of phrase and word presets) and the backup singers will sing the words.

Availability & Price:
HOLLYWOOD BACKUP SINGERS is available for sale at a special introductory price of $199 until Februray 10, 2020 (regular price is $299).
It is also available as a free addition for all subscribers of ComposerCloud.

EastWest Sounds has been dedicated to perpetual innovation and uncompromising quality of Virtual Instruments for more than 30 years, setting the industry standard as the most critically acclaimed sound developer. Find more about EastWest Sounds at

Seymour Duncan Brad Paisley Signature La Brea pickup set now available

In 2017, after a long search for the perfect guitar, Brad Paisley acquired an original 1968 Telecaster. The guitar played beautifully but had, unfortunately, been refinished in a black acrylic paint. So, Brad brought the guitar to veteran luthier and paisley paper expert, Bill Crook, to have the black paint stripped away and a classic ’68 paisley pattern applied instead. After removing some of the thick black paint, Bill stumbled on a surprise that would shock them both–Fender’s original pink paisley finish from 1968! Brad dubbed the guitar ‘La Brea’, because the black paint hiding the perfectly intact, all-original pink paisley paper reminded him of the tar pits in Southern California.

At this point, Brad loved almost everything about La Brea, but there was still something that wasn’t quite right – the pickups. Naturally, Brad called his buddy Seymour W. Duncan, and together they created the perfect, vintage accurate matched pickups – the Brad Paisley Signature La Brea Telecaster Set.

The Brad Paisley Signature La Brea Telecaster Set, is hand built in Santa Barbara, CA.

Learn More!

During the spring of 2019, Brad Paisley traveled to a remote beach located just north of Santa Barbara, CA to meet up with Seymour W. Duncan at the Seymour Duncan Tiny House to talk about his beloved 1968 pink paisley-paper “La Brea” Telecaster and the making of his brand new Signature La Brea Telecaster pickup set.

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Impact Soundworks releases Cinema Sound foley library

Impact Soundworks released today CINEMA SOUND FOLEY LIBRARY, a new tool for sound designers, foley artists, editors, DIY directors, and other post-production professionals. This massive collection of foley sounds can be performed via MIDI – saving users precious time and money when matching audio to picture. The result is Hollywood-level sound design accessible for all, in a KONTAKT-powered engine compatible in any DAW.

Cinema Sound Foley Library (CSFL) was created in collaboration with Cinema Sound, the industry experts in audio-for-video education. Cinema Sound not only brought their expertise to recording the entire collection, but has also produced a wide variety of tutorial videos on using CSFL. This high-quality free education is available directly on the product page.

Users can bring on-screen action to life with an enormous library of content spanning over 54,000 samples, with a particular focus on footsteps & clothes that have extensive material, surface, and dynamic options. Sounds are selected from a categorized browser, and can be layered and mixed all within a bespoke UI that also includes editing tools.

To simplify and streamline the mixing process, CSFL also includes a full FX rack with 30 modules including analog-modeled EQ, convolution reverb, compression, distortion, and much more. No external plugins are necessary.

See a video showreel for Cinema Sound Foley Library on YouTube:

Cinema Sound Foley Library is now available for the intro price of $179 (MSRP $199) through Feb 10, 2020 – even at list price, an unbeatable bargain given the staggering amount of content included.

Further audio and video demos, specifications, and more product information is available at the Impact Soundworks website:

Audio-Technica releases Wireless Manager software for network wireless systems

Audio-Technica announces the release of its Wireless Manager software, a Mac OS/Windows application for remote configuration, control, monitoring, spectrum management, and frequency coordination  of compatible Audio-Technica devices in sound reinforcement or installed sound applications. With connectivity for A-T 5000 Series wireless microphone system and the new 3000 Series featuring  network control and monitoring , the software package offers a broad range of control and management functions of networked devices, grouped into three tabs: Device List, Frequency Coordination and Monitor.

Wireless Manager’s Device List auto-discovers connected compatible A-T hardware and allows users to populate a device list of Audio-Technica and other manufacturers’ wireless systems.. From the Device List tab,  users can edit/modify transmitter and receiver parameters of network enabled Audio-Technica  devices, including upload of setups created offline. Devices can be assigned tags for easy system grouping for frequency coordination and monitoring purposes.

The Frequency Coordination function  delivers A-T wireless system users powerful spectrum management tools, allowing real time spectrum scanning via  connected network enabled  receivers, or the option of using the pre-loaded  television channel database for off-site planning. Based on spectrum availability, Wireless Manager quickly provides an estimate of available channels and uses a proprietary algorithm to automatically create an efficient, interference-free channel plan and then pushes that plan to all connected network  A-T devices. Users have the option of setting manual frequency exclusions to avoid prohibited frequency bands and other wireless systems in operation at a given location.

On A-T network wireless systems enabled for Wireless Manager, the Monitor tab allows live monitoring of connected systems with the option of filtering the displayed devices by assigned tag groups. Parameters monitored include AF, RF, battery, transmit power and more. Wireless Manager allows users to assign alerts for performance values of parameters such as signal strength and battery level, and offers event logging. Wireless Manager also includes a Tool Box function offering walk test, , user access control and cable loss calculation functionality.

A-T’s Wireless Manager software is available for download from Audio-Technica’s website.

For more information, please visit

See more here:

Celebrating over 50 years of audio excellence worldwide, Audio-Technica is a leading innovator in transducer technology, renowned for the design and manufacture of microphones, wireless microphones, headphones, mixers, and turntables for the audio industry.


Harmony reveals new semi-hollow in its American-made Standard Series: The Harmony Comet

Following the launch of the Juno earlier this month, Harmony ( today revealed their next addition to their Standard Series: the Harmony Comet. Proudly made in the USA, the all-new Harmony Comet is a modern take on the iconic 1960’s Harmony H-72 and marks the brand’s first semi-hollow body guitar since its return in 2017.

The Comet’s familiar double-cutaway semi-hollow design boasts many of the Standard Series’ key features like Harmony’s proprietary gold foil pickups, hardware and premium woods, but also introduces new developments that are unique to the model. The Comet is Harmony’s first set-neck design in the series, and also sports an immaculate carved back and top for the first time. The smaller, contoured body along with the C shape neck profile, 25” scale length, and 12-inch radius ebony fretboard, gives the Comet wider player-friendly appeal than many semi-hollow guitars in the market. The headstock’s 6-in-line tuner design is also a nod towards the original H-72’s unusual, but iconic look.

Edwin Wilson, Head of Guitar Research & Development shares, “We’ve taken the same philosophy in designing our Standard Series models and applied it to the beloved H-72 and we’re very happy with the way the Comet has come to life. The mahogany semi-hollow construction, combined with the Comet’s set neck and our gold foil pickups, imparts a warmer and fuller tone that does not compromise on dynamics or clarity. This truly sets it apart from our solid body, bolt-on models.

“Harmony fans have been eagerly waiting for a semi-hollow to join the ranks and the Comet brings this classic design to the next level. Harmony fans will also appreciate the headstock’s 6-in-line tuner design — a nod towards the original H-72’s unusual, but iconic look. We can’t wait to put this modern-day workhorse into the hands of professionals and semi-hollow enthusiasts looking to expand their tonal palette,” says Wilson.

The Comet is available in Spring 2020 via select dealers. Visit

About Harmony:

The Harmony Company was founded by Wilhelm Schultz in 1892. Building on a cherished catalogue of instruments from electric and acoustic guitars to violins, Harmony established itself as one of the most successful American musical instrument companies in history. Reintroduced to the market in 2018 by BandLab Technologies, Harmony returns with a range of guitars, amps and accessories. Visit for more information.