Spitfire Audio announces availability of all-new Aperture Strings

Spitfire Audio is proud to announce its Black Weekend — with discounted delights, including individual sample libraries with 25% off and HANS ZIMMER STRINGS with 40% off (all the way through to the end of December) alongside Black Weekend-only collection savings (with up to 73% off individual products), plus an all-new APERTURE STRINGS sample-based virtual instrument library that is free when spending over £299.00 GBP (inc. VAT)/$349.00 USD/€349.00 EUR (inc. VAT) and will never be available again — running from November 28 through to December 3…

Delightfully discounted individual sample libraries apart, Spitfire Audio customers can also save up to 73% off individually- priced products by buying one of the following Black Weekend-only collections: THE BLACK WEEKEND — comprising CHAMBER STRINGS (core), SOLO STRINGS, and ÓLAFUR ARNALDS CHAMBER EVOLUTIONS — weighs in at an attractive £685.00 GBP (inc. VAT)/$799.00 USD/€799.00 EUR (inc. VAT), while THE TON — taking in BRITISH DRAMA TOOLKIT, EDNA EARTH, and ORCHESTRAL GRAND PIANO — is only £100.00 GBP (inc. VAT)/$100.00 USD/€100.00 EUR (inc. VAT).

But Black Weekend also sees Spitfire Audio’s featured fire sale of a selection of collections, including 2018 CORE, 2018 PROFESSIONAL, BOHEMIAN, EVOLUTIONS, HYBRID, MAVERICK, SCANDI, STARTER, and SWARMS.

But better still, anyone spending over £299.00 GBP (inc. VAT)/$349.00 USD/€349.00 EUR (inc. VAT) on any of those collections or, indeed, any Spitfire Audio product during its Black Weekend will also receive APERTURE STRINGS, introducing a true innovation in sampling — for free! From solo to symphony in an instant, Spitfire Audio has harnessed the power of four different string sections to create something sounding truly unique. Users can musically move seamlessly from a quintet of single players performing at the softest level right up to a full 60-piece symphonic string section playing at full tilt — and all within the same instrument! Incorporating the most fundamental articulations, APERTURE STRINGS allows anyone to achieve new levels of expression by controlling dynamics and number of players simultaneously, so serving up incredible focus, magnitude, and texture. The super-soft Pinwhole Ensemble was recorded with the canopy at AIR Studios dropped down to achieve a close, focused, and intimate sound — also available to play on its own. Expertly recorded in the hallowed (Lyndhurst) Hall at London’s legendary AIR Studios — scoring stage for Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, including Harry Potter and The Dark Knight, Spitfire Audio is proud to offer up the most dynamic and expressive strings hitherto heard and impossible to recreate live — albeit available only during its Black Weekend between November 28 until December 3!

Available to directly download from Spitfire Audio as a 5 GB stunning sample-based virtual instrument library that is free when spending over £299.00 GBP (inc. VAT)/$349.00 USD/€349.00 EUR (inc. VAT) during its Black Weekend from November 28 until December 3, APERTURE STRINGS needs Native Instruments’ KONTAKT PLAYER (5.6.8 or higher) — a free version of the KONTAKT sample playback engine (included in its acquisition) — to run as a fully NKS (NATIVE KONTROL STANDARD®) supporting plug-in instrument for Mac (OS X 10.10 or later) or Windows (7, 8, or 10 — latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit).

Spitfire Audio’s free Download Manager application — available from here: http://www.spitfireaudio.com/info/library-manager/— allows anyone to buy now and download anytime.

Arturia releases major MatrixBrute update

Version 2.0 integrates many user-requested features with a revamp of the sequencer, a 4-fold increase in its modulation capabilities, custom LFO creation, a new preset comparison feature, a “system” mode, and many smaller enhancements and bug-fixes.

These new abilities and improved functionality gives MatrixBrute users exciting new creative scope, letting them go deeper into the instrument than ever before, and create sounds that are truly one of a kind.

The update is available for free to all MatrixBrute owners, and can easily be installed using the Arturia MIDI Control Center.

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• Connect MatrixBrute to your computer using USB
• Open the Arturia MIDI Control Center software (download it for free at arturia.com)
• Select MatrixBrute from the dropdown menu
• Select Firmware Revision, and Update

When updating to version 2.0, your MatrixBrute presets will be automatically converted to the 2.0 format. However, there is no way to convert a 2.0 preset to the 1.0 format. While we are sure you’ll love the changes version 2.0 brings, we would advise you to backup your presets before updating your MatrixBrute, just in case you ever want to roll back to version1.0.


Extended modulation capability

The original MatrixBrute featured 4 modulation options. The latest update gives you 4 pages of 4 modulations, quadrupling its creative scope!

New features for the sequencer

A simple but powerful overhaul of the sequencer lets you easily duplicate and delete sections, rotate the sequence, visualize notes in the step, and more.

Preset compare mode

Ever accidentally written over a great preset? Never again! Make sure your sound is better than the one you’re saving over with the preset compare feature. Preview a slot before you save, and don’t lose patches you love.

Totally independent control

If you prefer to make system changes without having to connect to a computer, the new update introduces a “system” mode, unlocking all parameters that normally could only be accessed through the MCC software.

Create your own LFO

Draw your own waveshapes on the matrix, quantize the steps or smooth them out, to truly customize your sound. You can also sync the LFO with triplets or dotted time divisions.

Enhancements and bug fixes

We’ve listened to MatrixBrute owners, and made things work even better for them. Now real-time recording with legato won’t retrigger envelopes, changing presets doesn’t reset the sync, and many more little improvements.


Arturia have created many resources to help MatrixBrute users understand the new update, and take advantage of all the new features.

Cheat sheet

This quick reference sheet gives you at-a-glance reference for key combos, simple instructions, and essential changes to get you up and running in no time.


To go a little deeper on certain elements of the update, this FAQ will give you more insight into how to use the new features and their effects on the synth.

These useful documents can be found on the official Arturia MatrixBrute web page.


Launched in 2016, the MatrixBrute is “high end”, feature-packed monosynth without the premium price tag. Packed with innovative features, while still being simple to understand and use, MatrixBrute is the king of Arturia’s “Brute” range of analog hardware synthesizers.

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Founded in Grenoble, France, in 1999, Arturia specialises in the development of music software and hardware for professional and amateur musicians. They are a team of passionate people, dedicated to musicians. Their aim is to create original and different instruments, imagine new experiences, and reinvent products. Operating in 55 countries, they have offices in France, the USA, Mexico, and the UK.

Epiphone announces Joe Bonamassa 1960 Les Paul Standard ‘Norm Burst’

Blues-Rock Titan Joe Bonamassa and Epiphone Announce Worldwide Release Of Bonamassa’s Seventh Signature Guitar And Favorite Vintage Les Paul:

“Joe Bonamassa 1960 Les Paul Standard ‘Norm Burst’”

Limited-Edition Standard Available At Authorized Epiphone Dealers

Joe Bonamassa.

(NASHVILLE, TN, November 26, 2019) Epiphone, the leader in affordable professional instruments presents the limited-edition Joe Bonamassa 1960 Les Paul Standard “Norm Burst.” Joe and Epiphone’s luthiers worked in close collaboration with attention to the fine details at Epiphone’s headquarters in Nashville, TN. As the seventh signature guitar partnership, Joe and Epiphone are committed to producing affordable guitars for Music lovers and Joe Bonamassa fans alike. The exclusive Epiphone “Norm Burst” is designed after the pristine 1960 Les Paul that Joe discovered at Norm’s Rare Guitars in Tarzana, California. The guitar features a classic Les Paul Mahogany body with a Norm Burst finish, ProBuckerTM humbuckers with 50s style wiring and a “Lifton” style case. The Epiphone Joe Bonamassa 1960 Les Paul Standard “Norm Burst” is available at Authorized Epiphone dealers worldwide.

“Norm took ownership of it in the 1980s and his staff nicknamed it the “Norm Burst,” says Joe Bonamassa. “It’s the cleanest vintage Les Paul Standard I’ve ever seen. It’s so new that the nickel pickup covers look chrome. Even the original hang tangs were still there. Acoustically, the first sample that Epiphone sent me sounded like the original. Once again, Epiphone has made a great guitar that I’m proud to have my name on. Tune it up, turn it on and you can rule the world.”

Watch Joe Bonamassa demo the guitar, Here.

Two-Time GRAMMYTM nominee Joe Bonamassa has become world renowned as one of the most gifted guitarists of his generation. Joe is widely known as an expert and passionate collector of the original Les Paul Standard, perhaps the most coveted vintage instrument of the modern era. The original LP Standard was produced at the Epiphone and Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan from 1958-1960 in limited quantities and today, original guitars sell for $250,000 or more. The new Epiphone Joe Bonamassa 1960 Les Paul Standard “Norm Burst” is a stunning recreation of one of Joe’s favorite guitars, a vintage 1960 LP Standard found at Norm’s Rare Guitars.

Read and share the exclusive Epiphone Q&A with Joe Bonamassa, Here.

Epiphone Joe Bonamassa 1960 Les Paul Standard “Norm Burst” at $699.00.

About Joe Bonamassa:
As Joe Bonamassa enters his 30th year as a professional musician, he continues to blaze a remarkably versatile artistic trail, and amass an authentic, innovative and soulful body of work. Bonamassa’s career really began onstage opening for B.B. King in 1989, when he was only 12 years old. Today, he is hailed worldwide as one of the greatest guitar players of his generation and is an ever-evolving singer-songwriter who has released over 40 albums in the last 19 years, all on his own label, J&R Adventures. He founded and oversees the non-profit Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation to promote the heritage of the blues music to the next generation, fund music scholarships, and supplement the loss of music education in schools. Most recently, Bonamassa received his 2nd GRAMMY® nomination, Guitar World Magazine’s Best Blues Guitar Player Award for 2019 and his 22nd #1 Billboard Blues Album (more than any other artist) with his latest live album Live At The Sydney Opera House. There are no signs of Joe slowing down, with tours already booked through 2020 and plans to record in the studio next year. For the latest Tour dates and more visit jbonamassa.com or follow Joe on InstagramFacebookTwitter and YouTube.

About Epiphone: 
For over 140 years, Epiphone has been a leading innovator in instrument design with models like the Casino, the Texan and Masterbilt Century Archtop Collection. Epiphone began as the “House of Stathopoulo” family business in Sparta in the 1870s and rose to fame during the jazz age in Manhattan before joining Gibson brands in 1957. Today, Epiphone continues to make history from its headquarters in Nashville, TN. Epiphones have powered classic recordings by Les Paul, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones along with today’s top artists like Peter Frampton, Gary Clark Jr, Tommy Thayer of KISS and Lzzy Hale. Epiphone offers innovation, history, and a lifetime guarantee. At Epiphone we’re designers, players, mavericks and we’re passionate about everything we do.

About Gibson:
Gibson Brands, the world’s most iconic guitar brand, has shaped the sounds of generations of musicians and music lovers across genres for more than 100 years. Founded in 1894 and headquartered in Nashville, TN, Gibson Brands has a legacy of world-class craftsmanship, legendary music partnerships and progressive product evolution that is unrivaled among musical instrument companies. The Gibson Brands portfolio includes Gibson, the number one guitar brand, as well as many of the most beloved and recognizable music brands, including Epiphone, Kramer, Steinberger and Gibson Pro Audio division brands Cerwin Vega, KRK Systems and Stanton. Gibson Brands is dedicated to quality, innovation and sound excellence so that music lovers for generations to come will continue to experience music shaped by Gibson Brands. Learn more at http://www.gibson.com and follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

For more information on Epiphone:


Alesis launches new Strike Pro Special Edition 11-piece mesh kit

Alesis (alesis.com), the world’s leading manufacturer of electronic drums, today announced their new Strike Pro Special Edition 11-piece electronic drum kit with full-sized 20” kick, latest-generation mesh heads and an updated Strike Pro Module with more instruments, kits and versatility than ever before. The full-sized kick gives drummers an unprecedented degree of response and impact—unmatched by any other electronic kit—enabling the Strike Pro Special Edition to absolutely redefine the playing experience and realism for electronic drums.

The original Alesis Strike drums were revolutionary, featuring all-new drum and cymbal design. The new Strike Pro Special Edition builds on that legacy, most notably with its full-sized 20-inch kick drum. It looks and feels like an acoustic drum. When drummers sit behind the Strike Pro Special Edition with its full-size kick, the playing and visual feel is fundamentally identical to an acoustic set. There is none of that “electronic kit adjustment” time period that players usually have to deal with. Strike Pro Special Edition’s kick is solid and sturdy, with no wobble. It responds and feels like an acoustic bass drum. It’s ground-breaking.

However, there is far more that makes the Strike Pro Special Edition an extraordinary playing experience than just the full-sized kick. To begin with, the Strike Pro Special Edition utilizes all-new latest-generation mesh heads, dual-zone for the snare and all the toms. Their response is faster, more natural and easier-playing than ever before. Drummers will fly over these heads, effortlessly laying down powerful grooves and snapping off crisp fills. These heads won’t fight you; instead, these new Alesis mesh heads are your best ally.

The 3-zone Strike Pro Special Edition 16” ride cymbal, 14” crash, and 14” movable hi-hat
feel spectacularly realistic: They are covered with a new thick comfortable rubber that creates the perfect blend of feel, control, bounce and volume. The cymbals offer a large bell area for enhanced playability, along with a cool “hammered” look. Plus, these cymbals are much quieter than traditional e-cymbals, perfect for late-night practice sessions when volume needs to be minimized. The new hi- hat in particular sets a new e-standard for fast response, solidity and its amazing ability to convey a deft, subtle touch.

Strike Pro Special Edition‘s lugs are attached directly to the shell, exactly like those in acoustic drums. The direct adjustment offered by these lugs is yet another way in which the Strike Pro Special Edition is superior to other e-kits. Strike Pro Special Edition premium Hybrid Birch wood shell snare and toms

come in in standard acoustic drum sizes (8-10-12-14”) so drummers instantly feel at home when they sit behind them. Alesis recognizes that aesthetics also play a role in the overall satisfaction and positive attitude with which a musician approaches their instrument. To that end, the Strike Pro Special Edition boasts truly striking black hardware and gold tension rods, along with a brand-new visually-distinctive mesh head design. Looking great while sounding great is a deadly combination.

The Strike Pro Module is by far the most versatile and capable module that Alesis has ever offered. A large measure of the amazing playability and character of this kit is due to the expansive sound library with over 136 custom kits made from over 1800 instruments and 45,000 samples. The module has onboard sampling capability, 16GB external card storage, and USB/MIDI connectivity, which you can use in conjunction with your favorite music production software as well as the powerful new Strike Software Editor. With this editor players can assemble their own custom samples into multiple velocity layer and round-robin instruments, piece together the perfect drum kit, and then transfer it onto the module via USB. Every feature and control is incredibly easy to keep track of, thanks to the Strike Pro Module’s 4.3-inch color LED screen, which displays all the player’s settings and choices at a quick glance. It adds up to unprecedented flexibility and programmability, combined with total mastery of the kit’s status.

Strike Pro Special Edition: 11-Piece Professional Electronic Drum Kit

  • Latest-generation mesh heads for fastest, most natural response ever
  • Patented Enhanced Articulation System
  • Full-sized 20” kick drum
  • 14” dual-zone mesh snare w/hybrid wood shell
  • 8”-10”-12-14” dual-zone mesh toms w/hybrid wood shells
  • 16” Strike ride cymbal (3-zone) w/full rubber pad and hammer marks
  • (3) 14” Strike crash cymbals w/choke, w/full rubber pads and hammer marks
  • 14” Hi hat cymbals w/full rubber pads and hammer marks
  • Strike software editor for creating your own custom kits and instruments
  • Strike Performance Module with 4.3 color LED screen
  • Over 1800 drum and percussion instruments and 136 Kits
  • 45,000 sample sounds included or load .wav files through included 16GB SD card
  • Premium 4-post steel rack“The Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition elevates the expectation of e-drum kits to a new higher standard,” said John Emrich, Director of Drum Development for Alesis. “The days of saying, ‘Well, it plays pretty well for an e-kit’ are over for good. Now drummers will say, ‘Man! I just love playing this kit!’”

    The Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition is available now. U.S. pricing is $2,499.00

About Alesis

Since the 1985 unveiling of the affordable XT Reverb, Alesis (alesis.com) has led the charge to create inventive electronic products that benefit every stage or studio musician. Alesis innovation continues with electronic percussion, keyboards, monitors, recording gear, amplifiers, as well as professional products based on Bluetooth technology. Alesis is a proud member of a premier family of brands known as inMusic (inmusicbrands.com).

EHX releases Triple Foot Controller

Electro-Harmonix has unveiled the Triple Foot Controller, a utility product that gives players remote control over functions in other pedals that have an external foot control jack. Depending on the pedal it’s plugged into, the Triple Foot Controller could control tasks such as setting tap tempo, toggling through programs, mode selection and more.

The Triple Foot Controller’s compact footprint saves space while its cast construction provides durability. The pedal is easy-to-use and works with applicable Electro-Harmonix pedals and those made by other makers. It’s a great alternative to products like the Digitech® FS3X Foot Switch, Strymon® Multi Switch and the TC Helicon® Switch-3 Foot Pedal.

No power is required and it comes equipped with a TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve) cable.

The EHX Triple Foot Controller is available now and features a USA Street Price of $40.80.

Triple Foot Controller Webpage:

Triple Foot Controller Video Demo:


Rob Papen announces availability of expanded eXplorer 6 software bundle best buy with new additions

virtual synthesizer, instrument, and effect plug-in developer Rob Papen Inspiration Soundware is proud to announce availability of eXplorer 6 — expanding the highly-versatile virtual product count of its all-encompassing software bundle best buy to 25, with the pronouncedly-upgraded Punch 2 continuing to fly the (Dutch) flag for state-of-the-art, speaker-busting, body-rattling drum-based virtual instruments with numerous new and fascinating features, while the all-new XY-Transfer effect plug-in sees the cutting-edge company continuing to think outside of the box as a tailor-made tool for creatively crafting dynamically different sound changes — as of November 22…

Now numbering no fewer than 25 highly-versatile virtual synthesizers, instruments, and extraordinary effects, eXplorer 6 pushes Rob Papen’s premier software bundle to higher heights of originality, thanks to two new additions that more than live up to the Dutch developer’s Inspiration Soundware slogan.

Starting with the pronouncedly-upgraded Punch 2, the cutting-edge company continues to fly the (Dutch) flag for state-of-the-art, speaker-busting, body-rattling drum-based virtual instruments with numerous new and fascinating features. By building upon the killer combination of drum synthesis/samples and a beats-triggering built-in pattern sequencer that made Punch such a remarkable rhythmic force to be reckoned with in the first place, Punch 2 brings yet more drum synthesis models to the percussive production table. Eagle- eyed fans familiar with its pioneering predecessor’s workflow will see straightaway that it introduces a new main screen, allowing anyone to quickly create new drum kits. Audibly and visually, then, Punch 2 clearly continues along the trailblazing trail taken by its innovative percussive precursor — albeit adding extra punch!

Punching well above its (software) weight in the ever-widening world of virtual instruments, Punch 2 adds an ability to import REX files and samples that users can quickly transform into loops of their own making. Moreover, they can map out those REX files or sample slices into individual pads and creatively combine these with the already available sounds and pattern sequencer. Saying that, further editing of REX files or sliced SAMPLE pads is perfectly possible using Punch 2’s flexible FILTER alongside the COMPRESSOR and LIMITER envelopes, which can then be routed into one of four — FX1, FX2, FX3, and FX4 — effects modules. Unshrinking users can even apply granular synthesis to those REX files or sliced SAMPLE pads!

While welcomed, with Punch 2 there are almost too many additions to mention! Notable new features worth highlighting, however, include a new MASTER section with EQ, FILTER, COMPRESSOR, LIMITER, and STEREO/MONO controls alongside a layout mixer.

Last but far from least, Punch 2 comes complete with an advantageous array of onboard sounds, professionally programmed to allow anyone to get into the groove of their music and productions!

Picture a filter bank with 36 different filter types and an X-Y panel that can also be recorded and played back in different ways. Well, cool as that thought may well be when brought to mind, cooler still, Rob Papen has made such creative thinking reality by beneficially bringing the all-new XY-Transfer effect plug-in to the expanded eXplorer 6 bundle. Better still, it can also be used with two other effects, each of which have their own X-Y panel, all of which are then fed into a flexible stereo DELAY! XY-Transfer sees the cutting-edge company continuing to think outside of the box as a tailor-made tool for creatively crafting dynamically different sound changes. Anyone already familiar with Rob Papen’s other X-Y panel-enhanced virtual synthesizers and instruments immediately will feel right at home using it in combination with a cool range of effects, thanks to XY-Transfer!

But best of all, the expanded eXplorer 6 bundle’s pleasing pricing matches its eXplorer 5 predecessor, so surely there has never been a better time than today to open your music and productions to the almost limitless creativity on offer with Rob Papen Inspiration Software’s latest and greatest gathering of highly-versatile virtual synthesizers, instruments, and extraordinary effects!

eXplorer 6 is available at an attractive introductory price of €399.00 EUR/$399.00 USD from authorised Rob Papen dealers worldwide rising thereafter to a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) of €499.00 EUR/$499.00 USD from authorised Rob Papen dealers worldwide or as a download directly from Rob Papen for those same prices from here: https://www.robpapen.com/eXplorer-6.html(Owners of earlier eXplorer editions can upgrade to eXplorer 6 for €99.00 EUR/$99.00 USD, while options for upgrading to eXplorer 6 are also available to owners of other Rob Papen products.)

Punch 2 is individually available — as a 64-bit AAX-, AU-, and VST-compatible virtual instrument plug-in for Mac (OS X 10.9 – MacOS 10.15) and as a 32- and 64-bit VST-compatible virtual instrument plug-in for PC (Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10) with 64-bit AAX compatibility available for PT 12 or higher (PC) — at an attractive introductory price of €119.00 EUR/$119.00 USD rising thereafter to a MAP of €149.00 EUR/$149.00 USD from authorised Rob Papen dealers worldwide or as a download directly from Rob Papen for those same prices from here: https://www.robpapen.com/Punch2.html

XY-Transfer is individually available — as a 64-bit AAX-, AU-, and VST-compatible effect plug-in for Mac (OS X 10.9 – MacOS 10.15) and as a 32- and 64- bit VST-compatible effect plug-in for PC (Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10) with 64-bit AAX compatibility available for PT 12 or higher (PC) — at an attractive introductory price of €39.00 EUR/$39.00 USD rising thereafter to a MAP of €49.00 EUR/$49.00 USD from authorised Rob Papen dealers worldwide or as a download directly from Rob Papen for those same prices from here: https://www.robpapen.com/XY-Transfer.html

All Rob Papen products use a serial/license system with activation when registering. (A second serial for a secondary computer is available after registering the original.)

Watch Rob Papen’s introductory overview of Punch 2 video here: https://youtu.be/0BEe9huc63k
Watch Rob Papen’s enlightening tutorial video about REX files and sample slicing with Punch 2 here: https://youtu.be/IO3qeOGhf5o

About Rob Papen (www.robpapen.com)

Self-confessed synth freak and world-renowned sound designer Rob Papen started working with synthesizers at the tender age of 15 when purchasing an analogue Korg MS-20 semi-modular monosynth and accompanying analogue SQ-10 sequencer. Suitably inspired, he subsequently released several albums as part of Dutch electronic music groups Peru and Nova — the latter featuring the same members as Peru, but with a more commercial slant — with whom he enjoyed number one hit singles in The Netherlands (Nova) in 1982 and Austria (Peru) in 1988. Peru disbanded in 1993, by which time Rob had already established himself as a sought-after sound designer, creating presets for the likes of Waldorf, Access, Ensoniq, and E-mu, before going on to found his namesake company in pursuit of creating a sound designer’s dream synth.That software dream soon became reality when Rob formed the RPCX (Rob Papen ConcreteFX) partnership with music software developer Jon Ayres to develop new Rob Papen virtual instruments and effects plug-ins, starting with BLUE — an exciting-sounding, self-styled ‘Crossfusion Synthesis’ affair (combining FM, Phase Distortion,Wave Shaping, and Subtractive synthesis into one powerful dream synth) — in 2005.Today Rob Papen soundware defines cutting-edge contemporary music production: powerful virtual instruments and effect plug-ins that intermix innovative design, uncompromising sound quality, and musical, production-grade presets to make tracks truly shine, whatever the musical genre… Inspiration Soundware, indeed!

© 2019 Rob Papen Inspiration Soundware

Reason Studios adds AU support for Reason 11

Following closely on the heels of the recent launch of Reason 11, simultaneous with the announcement of Propellerhead Software becoming Reason Studios, the company announced today that Reason 11 is now available to an even broader host of DAW users – including Apple Logic owners – with the addition of AU support in version Reason 11.1. The announcement further underscores the significance of the launch of Reason 11, bringing the major update to Reason Studios’ flagship music-making software to a wider global audience of music creators.

Reason 11.1, also now compatible with macOS Catalina, can be used as a standalone DAW or a plugin, offering immense value at affordable prices across the three available versions that offer entry-to-advanced combinations of Reason Studio’s legendary synths, instruments and effects. The Reason Rack Plugin, integral to all versions of Reason 11, brings the quality of renowned Reason Studios instruments and effects to any DAW. Flexibility in sound design and routing is further facilitated by access to the exclusive Rack Extension add-on market for yet more creative options.

“With Reason 11 we wanted to make sure anyone could harness the power of the Reason Rack in a way that works for them: as a self-contained environment or a super-powered plugin.” said Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Product Manager. “The release of Reason Rack Plugin as an AU is the next step on this journey, opening the doors for users of Logic Pro X and many other hosts on macOS. Now more musicians than ever can join the multitude who already love using Reason to make music.”

Reason 11.1 is available now via the newly released Reason Studios website and authorized resellers worldwide. The software, which includes additional improvements and bug fixes, is also available for free download by registered Reason 11 users and at upgrade prices to owners of previous Reason versions.

Pricing and Availability

Reason 11 is available as a direct download or from an authorized dealer at the following suggested retail pricing:

Reason 11 Intro: EUR €79 / USD $99

• Reason Rack Plugin included

• Includes 31 Devices: 11 x Instruments, 9 x Effects, 8 x Utilities, 3 x Players

Reason 11: EUR €349 / USD $399

• Reason Rack Plugin included

• Includes 55 devices: 15 x Instruments / 29 x Effects / 8 x Utilities / 3 x Players

Reason 11 Suite: EUR €549 / USD $599

• Reason Rack Plugin included

• Includes 72 devices: 27 x Instruments, 31 x Effects, 8 x Utilities, 6 x Players

Reason 11.1 is a free update for all Reason 11 owners and is currently available for free through Reason’s auto update.”

For details, see https://www.reasonstudios.com/en/reason/.

Reason Studios announced today that Reason 11 now supports AU, opening it to use with DAWs such as Apple Logic.

About Reason Studios

At Reason Studios we’re turning the world’s music dreamers into music makers, and inspiring them to keep dreaming. As developers of the Reason platform of instruments, plugins, music production software and mobile app, we’ve inspired millions of users all over the world to create. Whether you’re making your first beat, producing the next hit song, crafting your own sound, playing around with an idea, or just figuring stuff out—we’ll empower you to do it.

ProducerLoops introduces Summer Disco House Vol. 1 sample pack

‘Summer Disco House Vol 1’ by Producer Loops is a collection of sun-soaked Construction Kits designed to give a Funky vibe to your productions. This essential release is influenced by House heavyweights like Duck Sauce, Yves Larock, and Madeon.

In this pack, you’ll find a whooping collection of 20 expertly produced and composed Disco House Construction Kits featuring vintage drum machine loops, analogue synths, and other classic dancefloor elements.

Guitar loops, synths, pads, bass, drum loops and much more are all included in this Royalty-Free collection. Dry, wet and tail files are also available for added flexibility, as well as MIDI files.

Over 95% of this pack was created using an array of the finest analogue synths and drum machines including Linndrum, Boss DR220, SP12, DMX and synths such as Moog Voyager, SH 101, P6, Poly Evolver, and Peak, as well as lots of tape saturation to get that vintage 80’s feeling.

MIDI Files Included:

Like so many other Producer Loops products, ‘Summer Disco House’ includes MIDI files for the majority of musical phrases heard in each Kit, allowing you to seamlessly mix your favourite synths and samplers with the samples contained in the pack.

Advantages of MIDI:

While the supplied ACID/Apple Loops/REX files are extremely flexible and powerful, MIDI has the added benefit of allowing you to take editing a step further with the ability to adjust pitch and tempo without limits. Furthermore, you can make tweaks to the riffs to make them fit perfectly into your existing mixes.

Dry/Wet Loops:

For users looking to simply drag and drop, the ‘wet’ files contain all of the effects processing heard in the audio demos. But for those looking to create a more elaborate and personal mix, ‘dry’ loops are also included. Don’t like the wet loops? No problem; add your own effects.

One-shot Riffs and Tails:

This sample library also comes with one-shot and tail versions allowing you to end a phrase with the decay of the reverb/delay applied to the loop, another Producer Loops exclusive product feature.


All of the loops in this product are 100% Royalty-Free, so once purchased, you can use these loops in your commercial releases without having to pay any hidden costs.

Product Details:

• 20 Construction Kits
• 386 WAV Files (Guitar, Drums, Bass, Synth, Pads, & More)
• 57 MIDI Files
• ACID WAV Files
• Apple Loops/AIFF Files
• REX2 Loops
• Ableton Live Pack 8.1.3+
• Reason ReFills
• Loops Synced To BPM
• 44.1 kHz/24-Bit
• PC/Mac Compatible
• 100% Royalty-Free

Price and Availability:

‘Summer Disco House Vol 1’ is available for instant download exclusively at ProducerLoops.com for £29.95 / 36.33 EUR. More information is available at: https://www.producerloops.com